Alcohol or water that is contained in nitrocellulose is replaced by cyclohexanone or MIBK/toluene
           co-solvent to be applicable in polyurethane-base formulation  <<more
           Pigment is finely dispersed in several types of resins with its average particle size below 3.0зн to
           secure the maximum gloss, color strenght, and transparancy. Color chip can save your time,
           equipment, man-power, and raw material with a remarkable upgrade in the quality of your color.
           Find ourstandard or design your own grade only for your formulation.

           We started PVC masterbatch industry for the first time in Korea in 1977 and have been a leading
           company in pigment pre-dispersion area. We also supply PVC ink, PVC stabilizer, lacquer toner,
           and other basic products for paint/ink industry. Standing on the basis of accumulated dispersing
           technology, now we are expanding our business area into aqueous color system.    <<more